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The history of the Parish Hall

The Parish Hall was built in 1910 by the Wallace family on land they owned in Eardiston. It was initially intended for use by the Eardiston workers, many of whom were employed on the Wallace family’s estate. It was then known as the Eardiston Working Men’s Club.

In 1939, immediately prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, the three sisters, Misses Phoebe Isobel, Margaret, and Isobel Jane Wallace gifted the land and buildings to Lindridge Parish Council to hold on specified trusts. In addition, under the same Trust Deed, the Misses Wallace gifted £300 to the Parish Council to invest and, at its discretion, to use the income arising to fund the upkeep of the buildings.

During the war, the kitchen was used as a first aid post and the Home Guard used the Hall for lectures and drill.

The land held by the Parish Council was extended in 1958 when it purchased an adjoining plot for use as a much-needed car park. By then, the building was run down and in need of modernisation. Sir Gerald Nabarro, the local MP, helped the Parish Council to obtain the

necessary grant from central government. Payment of the grant, however, depended on the Council agreeing to adopt a Model Trust Deed devised by the Department of Education.  Under the Scheme, the Parish Council was to hold the land and buildings, comprising the land donated in 1939 and that purchased in 1958 (“the Foundation”), and the £300 (“the Endowment”) as custodian trustee.


A new Management Committee of the Hall was to be established by election, appointment and co-option. Restrictions in the 1939 Trust Deed prohibiting the building from being used for gambling or sale of alcohol were removed. If the building ceased to be used at all, the Endowment was to be applied for the benefit of Tenbury Hospital or its successor institution.

The Scheme was approved by the Minister of Education on 15 March 1962 and came into effect as the governing document of the Village Hall. The Trust Deed of 1939 was superseded and ceased to have any effect. At this point the hall became a registered charity (Reg. No 523164) with the members of the Management Committee being regarded by the Charity Commission as its trustees.

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