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Creating a Digital Safe Space

With the generous support of Community First and the Fore Trust the Parish Hall can provide a Digital Safe Space

If you do not have the equipment or broadband connection to be able to access online services at home, or if you need to do so in a confidential setting, you can make an appointment to use the hall computer to access the internet in a confidential setting – our Digital Safe Space.

This could be to:

  • Make appointments

  • Seek help

  • Search for information

  • Contact Family and Friends via Zoom


To make an appointment email - please allow 48 hours notice so that we can schedule a volunteer to open the hall and help you use the computer to get online. Or, if it’s urgent, please call 01584 881747.


WiFi access is available 24/7 from the carpark. The code is displayed on the noticeboard at the front of the hall.

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