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Lindridge Parish Hall 100 Club

October 2021

1st Prize - Evan Gillespie

2nd Prize - Marion Blaymires

Lindridge Parish Hall '100 Club' raises valuable funds every year for the running of the hall. By joining the 100 Club you can help ensure that it remains open as a resource for the residents in our community, as well as having a chance to win a cash prize every month.

The Lindridge Parish Hall 100 Club is a private lottery open to all parish residents and the surrounding area, their family and friends. 100 Club members need to be 16 years or over to join. It only costs £12 per year to join. Half of the income is returned every month as draw prizes and the other half is used to support the running of the hall. When you join you will be allocated a number which will be entered in the monthly draw.


The 100 Club year runs from October through to the following September but you can join at any point during the year and pay a reduced pro-rata membership.

Interested in joining our community lottery? Please email: 100club@lindridgeparishhall.co.uk

Winners so far

September 2021

1st Prize - Mr and Mrs Evans

2nd Prize - John Caldwell

August 2021

1st Prize - Liz Thomas

2nd Prize - Sue Lancaster

July 2021

1st Prize - Rob Williams

2nd Prize - Catherine Baker


June 2021

1st Prize - Jenny Talbot

2nd Prize - Mike Harley


May 2021

1st Prize - Andrew Ferrier

2nd Prize - Marion Blaymires


April 2021

1st Prize - John Morrell

2nd Prize - John Caldwell

March 2021

1st Prize - Lesley Lancaster

2nd Prize - Edna Knott

February 2021

1st Prize - Pete Stevens

2nd Prize - Rita Jenkins


1st Prize - Gillian Hazeldine

2nd Prize - Lindsey Swift

December 2020

1st Prize - Sheila Benbow

2nd Prize - Lara Austin

November 2020

1st Prize - Janet Marks

2nd Prize - Stuart James

October 2021

1st Prize - Evan Gillespie

2nd Prize - Marion Blaymires