The History of the Hall

The Hall was built in 1910 as a reading room for the employees of the Eardiston Farming Company [EFC]. The original cupboards which housed the books can still be seen -now relocated in the corridor.
The hall was used as a working men's club and for the recreation, education and social edification of the inhabitants of the parish.
In 1939 the three spinster sisters Phebe, Margaret and Isobel Wallace, the local gentry of Eardiston House and owners of the EFC donated the land and buildings to the Parish Council of Lindridge, together with a reserve of £300.
Except in special circumstances, no intoxicating liquor could be sold,or gambling allowed on the premises. If the project failed the capital of £300 and income of the investments were to be donated to the Tenbury and District Hospital.

A caretaker was engaged and charges agreed:

Hall with fire and lights 1/6 per hour
iano  9d per hour
itchen 1/- per hour.

The kitchen was used as a first aid post and the Home Guard used the Hall for lectures and drill.
In 1948 the Men's Social Club built their own premises at the rear of the Hall(now known as The Eardiston) -no doubt fed up with the alcohol and gambling ban.
In 1961  there was a need for a car park so land was purchased from Len Lambert and at the same time a much needed toilet block was built.
The Hall was registered with the Charity Commission in 1962.