The Autumn Show, Saturday 3rd September 2016

Best in show and winner of the Betty Andersson Cup was Polly Gillespie with her Victoria Sponge   


This year there was an Art Exhibition for adults and a Competition for children.

The children's competition was  judged in three classes, under 5s, 6/10 years and over 11s. 

The theme  a' Magic Garden' or 'Garden Friends'.


Age under 5  1st Lucas Vanes, 2nd Eden Vanes and 3rd Wilfred Swift

Age 6-10      1st Esmae Smith, 2nd Evie Bradley and 3rd Hebe Swift

Age over 11   1st Cara Gillespie, 2nd Tom Gillespie and 3rd Emma Pickersgill

This years Schedule and winners

Vegatable and Fruit Selection

1. Container of herbs. I Teague

2. Collection of five root vegetables J Caldwell

3.Greenhouse vegetables J Caldwell

4. Brassicas D Smith

5.Collection of tomatoes 1st J Cooper, 2nd J Caldwell and 3rd J Farmer

6.Onions & shallots 1st J Caldwell, 2nd J Caldwell and 3rd I Teague

7 Beans & peas 1st W Carter, 2nd D Smith and 3rd J Farmer

8. Funniest vegetable 1st P Gillespie, 2nd P Gillespie and 3rd V Melling

9. A container of mixed vegetables to be judged by presentation. no entries

10 Five desert or cooking apples 1st W Carter, 2nd M Morrell and 3rd J Marks

11 Five pears no entries

12 Plate of soft fruit no entries

13 Plate of six stone fruits 1st P Gillespie, 2nd J Caldwell and 3rd J Briggs

14. A Container of mixed fruit no entries

Cookery Section

15 Jar of jam 1st P. Gillespie, 2nd D Smith and 3rd I Teague

16 Jar of jelly 1st P Gillespie, 2nd D Smith and 3rd P Gillespie

17 Jar of chutney 1st M Morrell, 2nd P Gillespie and 3rd J Marks

18 Box of six eggs P Gillespie

19 Bottle of homemade wine or cordial 1st P Gillespie and 2nd P Gillespie

20 Fruit cake M Morrell

21 Pate of six fairy cakes 1st S Pickersgill and 2nd P Gillespie

22. Plate of six scones 1st J Caldwell, 2nd J Marks and 3rd  J Cooper

23 Plate of six biscuits S Pickersgill

24 A Victoria sponge 1st P Gillespie, 2nd J Cooper and 3rd S Pickersgill

25 Fruit pie with pastry no entries

Childrens Section

26.A miniature garden no entries

27.A decorative flowerpot. Joint 1st Hebe and Wilfred Swift

28. A plate of fairy cakes 1st K Pickersgill, 2nd E Pickersgill and joint 3rd T and C Gillespie

29.A plate of four decorative biscuits 1st E Pickersgill 2nd P Teague and 3rd H Swift

30. A vegeable of any kind grown by yourself joint 1st H and W Swift

31. An arrangement of either garden or wild flowers.

1st H Swift, 2nd W Swift and 3rd E Pickersgill.

All ages  stated on the entries and no entry to have been previously exhibited.

Flower Section

32. Vase of sweet peas 1st I Teague,  and 2nd J Briggs

33.A single rose in a vase. 1st J Caldwell, 2nd L Swift and 3rd J Cooper

34. A bunch of roses 1st J Cooper and 2nd P Gillespie

35.Three dahlia blooms J Briggs

36. One,two or three chrysanthemums no entries

37. Vase of mixed garden flowers 1st L Swift and 2nd W Carter

38. Vase of mixed wild flowers no entries

39. A small planted container no entries

40. A sunflower display no entries

Classes were  not  judged under strict RHS rules