100 Club

.Lindridge Parish Hall committee raises valuable funds every year for the running of the Parish Hall.
By joining the 100 club you can help ensure Lindridge Parish Hall remains open as a resource for all the residents in our community, as well as having a chance to win cash prizes every month.

 The Lindridge Parish Hall 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all residents from the parish and surrounding area, their family and friends. As a private lottery you have to be invited to join, and will be allocated a number and your tickets are not transferable.You need to be 16 or over to join.

Each month there is a draw for 50% of the income. This amount is divided between 2 lucky winners.If you are interested, please contact us for an application form.

Winners 2019

 January        L.Swift and I Vanes

 February      J Marks and L.Lancaster

 March           H.Williams and J Farmer

 April              L.Lancaster and L.Yarranton

 May              A.Williams and H.Williams

 June              O.Evans and F Farrier

 July                D.Evans and A.Cooper 

August            D. and L.Evans  and L.Yarranton 

September           Polly  Gillespie  and Janet Marks

October Geoff Thompson and Polly Gillespie November OLivia Evans and Pam Marsh

2017/8 Prize Winners

October     2017 :     Lindsey Swift, Mary Walker and Janet Marks
November 2017 :     Tony Williams, Kate Harley and Hywel Williams
December 2017 :      Andrew Ferrier, Janet Farmer, Wendy Carter

January     2018 :      Edna Knott, Meg Kelly, Jenny Sandon
February   2018 :      Jenny Talbot, Lindsey Swift, Michael Winwood
March        2018 :      Andrew Ferrier, Meg Kelly, Mark Yarranton
April           2018 :      Tracy Lowe, Liz Dove, Vera Williams
May           2018  :      Janet Farmer, Pat Burns Taylor, Tony Williams
June          2018:        Kevin Cooke, Pete & Vickie Stevens, Angela Winwood
July           2018:        R & J Peacock, L.Yaranton, E.Knott
August       2018:      Tracy Lowe, Michael Winwood, Ian Vanes 

September 2018        L. Yarranton, L.Lancaster, K,Harley
October      2018        H.Rainbird, C.Cooper
November  2018        J.Talbot, R,Humphreys

December 2018         Mary Walker and Linda Renshaw

2016/7 winners

 October 2016 Andrew Ferrier, Pete Stevens and Martin Holloway.

November Winners were Dianne Hawkley, Ian Vanes and Louise Yarranton.

December Winners were Angela Winwood, Adrian Cooper and Dianne Hawkley.

January 2017 Winners were Tony William, Jack Felton and Mel Parker.

We are pleased to welcome two new members for the February draw.

February winners Angela Vanes, Pam Marsh and Julia Cooper.

March Winners Tracy Lowe, Andrew Ferrier and Janet Marks.

April Winners Edna Knott, Janet Marks and Dianne Smith

May Winners Wendy Carter, Pat Emms, Charlotte Cooper

June Winners Andrew Ferrier, Dianne Smith and Dr. Teague

July winners Hywel Williams, Janet Gittens and Michael Winwood.

August winners Angela Vanes, Hilary Brown and Chris Carter

September winners Angela Winwood, Vera Williams and Sue Yarranton.

Winners 2015/2016

October 2015 , Vera Williams, Dave Mitcham, Charlotte Cooper

November, Alan Bush, Polly Gillespie, Genny Sandon

December, Hywel Wiliams, Jennie Talbot, Ann Calder

January 2016, Alan Bush, Janet Marks, Ian Vanes

February, Jim Bailey, Chris Carter, C.R.Edmunds

March, Tony Williams. C.R,Edmunds, Mark Yarranton

April, Jennie Talbot, Hayleigh Rainbird, Dr. I. Teague

May, Jennie Talbot, Hywel Williams, Chris Carter

June, Steve Workman, Janet Marks, Chris Carter

July, Ros Bush, Pat Burns Taylor, Janet Farmer

August, Mike Harley, Wendy Carter, John Morrell

September Jim Bailey, Andrew Ferrier, John Morrell

Winners 2014/15

October 2014, Sharron Pickersgill, Ros Bush, Angela Winwood

November, Tracy Lowe, Sharron Pickersgill, Julia Cooper

December, Angela Winwood, Wendy Carter, Hywel Williams

January 2015, Liz Dove, Charlotte Cooper, Geoff Thompson

February, Kate Harley, Mary Walker, Mike Harley

March, Alan Bush, Nick Benbow, Vera Williams

April, Hayleigh Rainbird, Sean Beauchamp, Les Yarranton

May, Mary Walker, Angela Vanes, Dr. Nick Swift

June, Tracy Lloyd, Sean Beauchamp, Wendy Carter

July, Ros Bush, Melanie Parker, Nick Benbow

August, Alan Bush, Sue Watton, Dr Nick Swift

September, Jim Bailey, Les Yarranton, Angela Winwood